Phnom Penh Welcomed Nearly 800,000 Visitors in Three Days 

PHNOM PENH – Nearly 800,000 people visited Phnom Penh during the Khmer New Year, including 14,766 foreigners, according to counting from the Department of Tourism Statistics and the Capital-Provincial Tourism Department.

The most attractive tourist site was the Wat Phnom, where the biggest Sangkranta celebrations and games were hosted. The place was purposely decorated for the occasion.

Installed features include a big dragon statue made from bamboo, Khmer traditional instruments, Romdoul lamp gardens, places for the Bathing of a Buddha statue and several stages to host concerts or performances. Several statues representing the 12 years of Khmer astrology were also installed.

Sangkranta celebrations will, however, end on April 16 in the evening as the Khmer New Year comes to an end.

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