Prestige Hospital Wins Two Awards at the 2022 Cambodia Healthcare Awards

Prestige Hospital is proud to be the recipient of the Gastroenterology Service Provider of the Year & Rising Star of the Year awards at the first edition of the 2022 Cambodia Healthcare Awards held in Phnom Penh on May 28.

Organized by Global Health Asia-Pacific and Cam-Jade Asia, the award was received by Prestige Hospital's CEO, Mr. Dararith Lim.

The Gastroenterology Service Provider of the Year & Rising Star of the Year awards is granted to Prestige Hospital in recognition for being a healthcare institution in Cambodia that has shown great medical practice throughout the whole year.

Prestige Hospital has always been known for its international standard of care, and multinational medical and treatment efficiency.

After receiving this recognition from Global Health Asia-Pacific, Dararith Lim shared how much it means for Prestige Hospital to receive this award and his plan on how to deliver an even better experience for patients in the future.

In 2022, Prestige Hospital has reached another milestone with the launch of up to 25 specialties, emergency room, minor & major operating theatre, and in-patient service.

Dararith Lim said, “Prestige Hospital will continue to strengthen its core value by bringing in highly qualified medical teams and services to ensure an even greater quality of care for the patients.”

In addition to highly qualified medical teams including those from France and Canada, Prestige Hospital is equipped with modern and up-to-date medical facilities to answer the needs of the patients who seek quality care in central Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.

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