What are the Tourist Highlights in Kampot Province? Let’s Find Out!

KAMPOT – What do think of when the word ‘Kampot’ comes into your mind? Pepper? Beach? History?

Located in southwest Cambodia, Kampot is one of the country’s most popular coastal provinces, home to many tourist attractions, from century-old French colonial buildings to coastal escapades and visits to the many caves hidden beneath the karst peaks.

Supported by the provincial administration, Thmey Thmey Digital Media and Cambodianess will travel to the province from Feb. 15-18 to get an in-depth insight into the province’s tourist potential.

The team will take the chance to produce content and a short film about tourism, agriculture, small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) and historical infrastructure. The trip aims to give the province broader visibility for both Cambodian and foreign visitors.

The tour will include a visit to the historic site of Srah Chhouk, also known as the Lotus Pond, the Kampot night market, the old market, the Wat Traeuy Kaoh, a beautiful contemporary monastery, the district of Teuk Chhou, the Phnom Vor Natural Paradise and the salt fields located south of the city.

Activities include hiking, trekking, train rides, waterfall visits, birdwatching and mangrove forest tours.


Cambodianess’ readers can look forward to watching a variety of news videos, and beautiful pictures from tourist sites in Kampot province in the weeks to come.

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