Aii Chroy Chongva Campus Expansive Growth to Meet Soaring Students Demand

Aii Language Center at Chroy Chongva (CCV) Campus is poised for a major expansion to accommodate more students, responding to a consistently high demand for quality education since its inauguration in 2019. Aii is a part of Mengly J. Quach Education (MJQE), which has around 25,000 students across its campuses across Cambodia. The expansion signifies Aii's ongoing and substantial commitment to Cambodia's future leaders by providing quality language education.

The new building will debut the first-of-its-kind MJQE Plaza, an in-style shopping center and a large auditorium for multiple purposes. Set to be ready in July 2024, with the expansion projected to welcome students starting July for our new term 84, these facilities reflect Aii's dedication to a holistic educational environment.

3D Design

Neak Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Mengly J. Quach Education, highlighted the expansion as a response to huge trust from parents and students and demand in the area, “Previously, we had to cap registrations due to space constraints. With this expansion, we can welcome more students yet ensuring our educational quality is still the priority.”

Photo of Mr. Chairman

Mr. Sophea M. Lay, President of Aii Language Centers, added, "This expansion is not just about size; it’s about enhancing the learning experience and meeting the evolving needs of our community of learners. We also look to expand our language program by offering additional courses such as Khmer, French, and other languages in the near future."Photo of Mr. President

Aii is a leading educational institution in Cambodia, offering a wide range of language programs and courses in English, Chinese, and Thai. With a strong commitment to quality education and student success, Aii Language Center has established itself as a trusted name in language learning. Aii Language Center, part of Mengly J Quach Education, is a leading educational institution in Cambodia with 20 campuses and still counting.

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