Cybercrime and Human Trafficking: a Reality to Face Up to

Scene in the Chinese blockbuster "No More Bets." Photo: IMDb

The Chinese blockbuster “No More Bets,” which is about two people caught by the online game mafias and whose action is set in Cambodia, upsets many people here.

One can understand that, since it gives an image of the kingdom not exactly to be proud of as the country’s place in Asia in human trafficking in connection with cybercrime gets exposed in front of the world. Because, even if this film is fiction, the facts on which it is based have been extensively reported in the media and confirmed by the authorities, proving that this is not complete fabrication.

Arguing that this film damages the image of the country and will affect its tourist attractiveness, some people, as Cambodianess was reporting on Sept. 27, would like the Chinese authorities to take measures to restrict its being shown.    

Beside the fact that resorting to censorship—because that is what this is—is the weapon of the weak who believe themselves strong, ranting and raving to prevent this film from being more seen seems really pointless in the internet and social media era as were pointing out observers quoted in that online story.

By drawing attention to this film, the proponents of a heavy-handed approach to prevent access to a wider audience run also the risk of increasing its credibility as points out this vicious saying now well rooted in the spheres of the internet with the darkest intents: The more kept hidden something is, the more true it is.  

The right answer to “No More Bets” can only be by the authorities highlighting all the measures they have taken, are taking and will take to combat this criminal trafficking in human beings taking place in the country. Criminal and profoundly violating human dignity as any form of forced labor is.            

Those who would reduce the stakes of this battle to its negative effect on tourist numbers in the country would quite sadly be failing in their duty of compassion. The more so that they would be showing a lack of memory since this involves forced labor of which thousands of people have been victims here.       

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