Ezecom: Powering Cambodia's Digital Journey in the SEA Games

Kingdom of Cambodia, a nation steeped in with rich traditions, tales of resilience, and an enduring spirit, driven by an energy of achievement to success as it prepared to host the 32nd Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) after an interval of 64 years since the games started. With a mission encapsulated by the motto "Sports Live in Peace," the nation geared up for a staggering 584 competitions spread across 37 sports with Cambodia’s highest achievement of 282 medals, which is an outstanding performance improvement approximately 7 times compared to the previous SEA Games.

This moment was not just about sports. It was a chronicle of Cambodia’s journey from its ancient Khmer civilization roots to a dynamic modern nation ready to take its place on the global stage. It too represented a country standing tall, showcasing its vibrant transformation, economic ambitions, and an undying spirit of unity. Within this environment of anticipation and celebration, Ezecom is motivated to take up the responsibility to deliver the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) for the broadcasting of the SEA Games to the world.

The inaugural IBC was first created for the Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympics to be broadcasted around the world to provide each of these rights-holders a video and audio feed from each venue, beauty shots from around the venues, transmission facilities and network connectivity. Since then, IBC has been at every Olympic Games and international sporting competition and games. And these broadcasting standards are high regardless of regional or international scale of the games.

Ezecom has been working relentlessly and  achieved delivery of the IBC for the SEA Games in Cambodia and has emerged as more than just a technological partner; it has become the cornerstone that connected Cambodia's proud past with its vision into its digital future.

The Initial Hurdles

The discussion of collaboration began in October 2022. It soon became apparent that hosting the SEA Games, akin in stature to the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics, wouldn't be easy. The intricacies of handling IBC, with the sheer number of stakeholders involved, and the looming challenges were evident.

Yet, when officially entrusted with the responsibility for IBC in December 2022, Ezecom took the lead, swiftly mobilizing necessary resources and expertise proactively. These assembled  delivery teams of foreign and local experts, while impressed, were equally overwhelmed by the challenges of meeting such lofty expectations with limited time and resources.

Facing the Challenges

With just two months to go in March, the pressure was obvious. The risks were apparent due to the plethora of gaps needed filling. There were logistics impediments, from safely transporting sensitive equipment to communication breakdowns due to language barriers. Unpredictable challenges, such as locations and facilities challenges, tested the agility and adaptability of the team, leadership and partners. However, Ezecom, were able to conquer these challenges in just 29 days, delivering a full-fledged digital broadcasting solution, a testimony to their agility, passion, and resourcefulness.

Championing Cambodia’s Digital Ambitions

In the vibrant tapestry of the SEA Games, Ezecom stood out as the digital achiever, committed to narrating Cambodia's resurgence.

Embodying National Identity: Every broadcast from the IBC was a story of Cambodian pride. It was a tale of a nation, rising, evolving, and succeeding. Ezecom, with meticulous precision and reverence, ensured that each of these tales was broadcasted with clarity and emotion, carrying with it the spirit of Cambodia.

Commitment to Cambodia's Digital Transformation: Beyond the event, Ezecom's endeavours signalled a much larger ambition: transitioning Cambodia into a digital powerhouse. The SEA Games was a demonstrative chapter, showcasing how the blend of Cambodian ingenuity and world-class technology could craft wonders.

Fostering Unity and Collaboration: By intertwining international standards with Cambodia's unique touch, Ezecom epitomized the nation's unity in diversity. Their efforts served as a demonstration to government entities and international stakeholders, signalling Cambodia's readiness to lead global digital projects.

Creating a Lasting Legacy: The SEA Games were an inspiration for countless Cambodians, a testament to their nation's prowess. Ezecom, in its role, became an icon of hope and ambition. Their work symbolized innovation, drive, and an unwavering belief in Cambodia's potential.

Deepening Cambodia’s Socio-Economic Ties

Ezecom's exemplary team members took total responsibility for IBC, which went beyond technical achievement. It was an embodiment of Cambodia’s aspirations. For many Cambodians, it became a symbol of progress, a sign that their nation was capable of rivalling global standards. This accomplishment paved the way for:

Economic Opportunities: Demonstrating such competence opened doors for further international collaborations, positioning Cambodia as a credible and reliable partner in the global digital landscape.

Skill Development: Ezecom's commitment to skill transfer and capacity-building initiatives during the SEA Games augments Cambodia's workforce, preparing them for the future.

Building Trust with Government Bodies: By executing a project of this magnitude flawlessly, Ezecom not only showcased its capabilities but also helped fortify trust with government agencies. This trust is pivotal as Cambodia steers towards a digital future.


“This is the true demonstration of Royal Group of Companies’ continuous commitment in nation building through technological innovation and digital capacity empowerment.” cited by Neak Oknha Kith Meng, Chairman of the Royal Group of Companies.

As the conclusion of the SEA Games, and as the arenas slowly emptied, a legacy was left behind. Cambodia, with its head held high, had announced its arrival on the global stage. And behind this success, managing all components to deliver performances and games, stood tens of thousands of individuals who stood tall with pride.

In its unwavering commitment to the IBC, Ezecom wove itself into Cambodia’s narrative. It wasn't just about broadcasting sports events; it was about echoing the heartbeats of millions of Cambodians. With every frame, every broadcast, and every signal, Ezecom sent out a resonating message: Cambodia is here, ready for the digital age, and Ezecom is its proud vanguard.

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