Letter to Editor: Gov’t Officials Shouldn’t be at Cafes

By Seam Reab, a citizen

The latest mandate, the 7th Legislature of the Cambodian Assembly, was formed on August 22, 2023. Various letters of congratulations were written both domestically and internationally for the new government although a good number of criticisms also appeared along the way.

After the delegation of high political positions of the new generation, public conversations were held on the appointment of the seemingly overflowing number of government consultants and assistants, calling it a waste of the national budget. On the contrary, the defenders for the government simply explain that this requirement is crucial for the creation of harmony.

Personally, as a citizen, the two ideas mentioned above do not really bother me. However, I just would like to see government officials being serious about their work or the task that they are given to do for the people and their nation. In short, government officials must go to work regularly. Work! No chit-chat.

I do not wish to see the sight of government officials spending time at cafes or restaurants chit-chatting about irrelevant things or about their own personal commercial matters while other officials are already at their work stations executing tasks. Of course, I do not mention those officials whose conscience is good and who are committed to working.

Another point that I would like to raise and request of the new government is that one must stop turning a blind eye on the officials who steal the precious government hours for their own personal businesses.

To reiterate, the thoroughness of the government officials regarding their presence at their designated office is what the masses are currently monitoring.

This article written in Khmer for ThmeyThmey News was translated for Cambodianess News.

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