Road Accidents Kill 37 People During Cambodian New Year Holiday

Photo: General Commissariat of National Police

PHNOM PENH -- Road accidents killed at least 37 people in Cambodia during its traditional New Year holiday from April 13 to 16, said a National Police's report released on Wednesday.

Besides the death toll, the accidents injured 88 others, the report said, adding that a total of 64 road accidents were recorded during the four-day holiday.

Most of the accidents were involved with motorcycles, and over-speed driving, reckless driving and drunk driving were the main causes of the accidents.

Road traffic accidents are the leading cause of deaths and injuries in Cambodia, costing the country about 466 million U.S. dollars a year, according to a report jointly conducted by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Cambodia and the National Road Safety Committee.

According to the National Police, road accidents claimed 1,590 human lives in the whole year of 2023.

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