Russey Keo New Bridge Officially Opens

The Russey Keo Overpass viewed from above. Photo: Prime Minister Hun Sen Facebook Page

PHNOM PENH – The Russey Keo Bridge crossing over the Tonle Sap River and the Russey Keo Flyover have been officially inaugurated on May 31, a few months after it opened for traffic.

Both the bridge and the overpass will play a key role in easing the traffic flow on Russey Keo and Chroy Chongvar communes by connecting together National Roads 5 and 6, said Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng during the inauguration ceremony.

Located above National Road 5, at the intersection with Street 36, the Russey Keo Flyover is 483 meters long and 15.6 meters wide, with two lanes open for traffic.

It took 16 months and $9.7 million to be built, thanks to a partnership between the Phnom Penh Administration and the private sector.

The flyover was opened to traffic in March, the governor said.

As for the Russey Keo Bridge, the construction began in October 2017 and took 68 months to complete, at a cost of $35 million. The construction works were also carried out in a partnership between the capital’s administration and companies from the private sector.

The bridge opened in April and connects the two banks of the Tonle Sap River over a distance of 922 meters. It is located roughly 2.5 kilometers North of the Chroy Changvar Bridge (also known as the Japanese Bridge) and links National Roads 5 and 6.

The bridge is 20.5 meters wide and contains 3 lanes for each direction of traffic. Two lanes are for cars and one is for motorbikes, with a maximum speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour.

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