Why the Tonle Sap Lake Runs Out of Fish

A fisherman deploys gillnets to catch Borneo river sprat known as in Khmer trey bondol ampov in the Tonle Sap Lake. Photo by Chhut Chheana

Kampong Prak​ is a floating village in Tonle Sap Lake in Sna Ansa Commune, Krakor District, Pursat province. Most of the villagers are fishermen for generations.

Twenty years ago, this village was famous as a fishing village rich in fish in Krakor District. Most of the catch, which big brokers buy from fishermen for resale in provinces and capitals throughout Cambodia and abroad, originates from Kampong Prak village.

But now, with the loss of habitat, the use of illegal fishing gear and climate change, fishing catches are on the decline. Please click this link to watch the video.


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