Curb Immoral Videos Posing as Education: Expert

Mai Vathana (left) and Kong Samneang (right). Photo provided.

PHNOM PENH – Some so-called educational videos on social media seem to show the opposite, damaging morality, culture and tradition due to their unprofessional production, an education expert says.

Kong Samneang, president of the Federation of Education Services, said such videos were “pure deception” and the reality was that they were filled with pornography.

Their behavior affected Khmer tradition and were contrary to education.

Some short videos were produced for creators’ benefits only and were uploaded on social media without control.

“Of course, even if it's all their income, they have to show a lot of educational content, because good stuff will last a long time but hopeless stuff won’t,” he said.

“Even if it does not fail on its own, the law does not allow it.”

Samneang called on the producers of video content on social media to learn from good-content videos, especially about scenes for society’s benefit.

He also asked ministries to provide educational ideas and to control video production.

He said the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts cracked down on immoral video producers but demanded only an apology and deletion of the videos. He wanted the ministry to take legal action against these unprofessional videos.

Mai Vathana, a member of the board of directors of the Khmer Writers Association, said many video producers were not professional and only sought views and revenue for themselves.

“Such freedom of production does not benefit the country but rather leads the younger generation to unknowingly ruin their future,” he said.

Vathana said such productions were posted on social media only to show a bad example for young people.  

“We see that children now grow up prematurely,” he said.

“They are not aware of what they are watching but they then get to know about pornographic stories. This is because some of the old generation left bad stories.

Young people who were influential in producing videos should add as much educational content as possible and avoid prioritizing only their own interests rather than social interests. They should learn the profession first.

Those who produce inappropriate videos should delete them from their social media pages, he said.

Originally written in Khmer for ThmeyThmey, this story was translated by Meng Seavmey for Cambodianess.

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