Epson Drives Enterprises towards Sustainability with Heat-Free Technology 

Today, consumers as well as enterprises become increasingly interested in sustainability issues because they have already witnessed adverse environmental changes around the planet. In response to this fact, efforts to drive sustainability policies and guidelines have been going on. 

Epson, a world-class printing technology leader, has already developed Heat-Free Technology for its inkjet printers in support of the sustainable planet with enterprises, which still mainly use laser printers, as its key targets. Just as Epson’s Heat-Free Technology offers its users better value for money, it underlines Epson’s strong emphasis on sustainability. 

Heat-Free Technology is better than laser printers, whose work process involves many steps and requires much energy to generate heat for printing, because it can eject ink on paper directly without the help of heat. Epson’s devices with Heat-Free Technology therefore save energy by 85% when compared with laser printers. Better still, they curb carbon-dioxide emissions by 85% and use 59% fewer replacement parts. The heat-free process also prevents damage to printing heads. In addition, Heat-Free Technology saves time because it ensures printers do not need to warm up at all. After printers are turned on, they can start printing immediately and continue the task at a consistent fast speed. The quality and resolution of their output are also as impressive as those from laser printers. 

Epson has already launched several models of Heat-Free Technology printers to address a diverse range of needs and ensure each customer gets the device that best suits its requirements. Some models are designed for home use, some others are for small businesses, and some like large high-speed printers are for large enterprises. 

In late 2022, Seiko Epson Corporation declared its business direction towards sustainability by announcing the plan to stop selling laser printers, reaffirming its focus on Heat-Free print heads and inkjet printers, and vowing to continue developing technology for sustainability. 

So just like in other parts of the world, Epson will step up its efforts for environmental sustainability in Southeast Asia. It will increasingly integrate the cause to its business process and marketing activities in line with its ‘Environmental Vision 2050’.  

Heat-Free Technology, which has been developed for sustainability, is key to Epson’s further success. As Epson aims to build not just a brighter future for its customers’ businesses but also a better planet for future generations, it urges suppliers across its supply chain to pay more attention to sustainability. From now on, sustainability will be the theme of not only CSR or marketing activities but it will also be the key mission of these businesses especially large enterprises. Sustainability will shape business goals and formats. At Seiko Epson Corporation, sustainability for example has already been a part of its corporate DNA that gave birth to Heat-Free Technology. 

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