Exports in The First Month Of 2024 Total Nearly $2 Billion

PHNOM PENH – Cambodia’s exports were worth $1.967 billion in January 2024 with the U.S. being the top market.  

Such value represents a 27 percent increase compared to the same period in 2023, according to data from the General Department of Customs and Excise.

Among the 20 top markets, the U.S. took the lion's share with $626 million worth of goods imported from Cambodia (up 11.4 percent compared to January 2023).

Vietnam was Cambodia’s second-biggest trade partner with a total of $373 million of goods exported there, up 116.6 percent compared to last year’s first month. China came third with $121 million (up 50 percent compared to January last year).

Japan and Thailand are Cambodia’s fourth and fifth foreign markets with exports respectively reaching $117 million (up 11.8 percent) and $104 million (down 2.7 percent).

The report from the Customs and Excise Department showed that in January, Cambodian trade was worth $4 billion with imports accounting for $2,090 million. This means the country’s trade balance was slightly negative.

In 2023, Cambodia’s trade volume reached $46,8 billion with exports amounting to $22.64 billion and imports amounting to $24.18 million.

According to a report from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the main exporting products are clothes, grain, shoes, rubber, rice, corn, and other kind of fruits and vegetables.

Based on the same report, Cambodia mostly imports small electronics & electrical equipment, cars, materials for construction, agricultural fertilizers and pesticides, pharmaceutical products, cement, beer, and steel.


Originally written in Khmer for ThmeyThmey, this article was translated by Nhor Sokhoeurn for Cambodianess.

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