Frogsell Online Electronics Fair $10 $20 discount to $1, $2 and $5 with thousands of products on frogsell

The Biggest promotion of frogsell Online Electronics fair has started!!!!!

It’s very special and amazing: The more you spend, the more you save.

More than 200 products of $10 and $20 offer special discount up to $1, $2, $5 and $10

with over 500 items and some products valued $20 and $50 offer discounts up to 50% with thousands of items from over 200 different shops are waiting for you.

Mr. Sieng Vireak, project manager of frogsell said: “Before the announcement of this promotion with our teaser poster, there were many online shoppers on social media who contacted us and asked when it would start. This online fair is very supportive of our fans who are online shoppers. We hope to have ten thousand people contact and buy many products on the frogsell App the same as when we launched the $1 promotion last month. Many shops have joined the discount. “Customers can order as much as they can with unlimited ordering with all kinds of products for special price and good quality products,” he said.

This campaign starts from now and runs until July 10th, 2023. Mr. Vireak added that this promotion was created in order to gather all the existing sellers on the frogsell App to gather product discounts and to offer a great user experience to all online buyers.

There are many products such as Power Bank, Electric Pot, Iron, Clothes, Bluetooth Headset, Speaker, Wireless headphones, phone chargers, phone cases, smart watches, washing machines, air conditioners, fans and also many electronic accessories discounted from 26th June 2023 to 10 July 2023.

Moreover, we are also open for cooperation with companies and partner stores wishing to sell electronics and new or used products of all kinds with the frogsell App. You can contact the frogsell customer service team by Telegram, number 069-363-286

In addition, the first 100 customers will get free delivery and a chance to win prizes by writing the name of the product they purchased with their names and phone numbers and then sharing this with our team through Telegram. The winners will be selected, the prizes ranging from water bottles, headphones, skin care products, bottles to many souvenirs from frogsell.

Please be informed that frogsell is an app through which you can sell new products and second hand. A Khmer app established in 2020, more than 200,000 users are using the frogsell app every month today. For sellers who want to sell their products in upcoming promotion on the frogsell app, please contact our team: 069 363 286 / 077 880 490.

To check and buy products, please follow this link:

To sell used or new items for free please click here to download:  or ask for more details via frogsell Facebook Page: .


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