Polvanera Wines Launched in Cambodia for the Italian National Day

Taste of Italy was held in Phnom Penh in cooperation with the Cambodian Committee of TICC and CCIO

Puglia’s finest wines were presented at the astonishing Siena Italian Steakhouse, on Monday the 1st of June in Phnom Penh, as a part of the Italian National Day celebrations taking place all over the world. An event like this was held in Cambodia for the first time, following the increasing success of Italian food and beverage products in the country. The event was targeted at F&B professionals operating in Cambodia and aimed to showcase authentic food and wine produced in Italy.

Organized by TICC, the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce, Cambodia’s Committee, and with the support of the Italian-Oriental Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Honorary Consulate in Phnom Penh, attendance outnumbered the available seats at the two wine masterclasses and the networking “aperitivo” that followed.Puglia, an Italian region in the Southeast of the Country, was the star of the night with three different producers involved in presenting their products. Among them, Cantine Polvanera shined with its organic wines.

Polvanera is a family business that is deeply rooted in tradition. Their winemaking process reflects their natural environment, with the exclusive use of native grape varieties serving as a prime example. Many of their wines use grapes from bush-trained vineyards, preserving the ancient art of winemaking and staying true to its origins.

While tradition is important for the owner Filippo Cassano and his family, innovation is just as integral to the process. Polvanera stays up-to-date on modern techniques and it’s through a balance of convention and novelty that the business sustains itself. For example, the wine rests in stainless steel tanks and red wine is kept in a limestone cellar at a constant 13°C after being bottled. Polvanera’s formula seems to have proven successful. Their labels have won multiple awards. They’re sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. And their success rate hasn’t slowed down upon entering the SEA markets either. The rising demand for Polvanera wine is driving the introduction of this winery into the Cambodian market.

Wine has been in Puglia for thousands of years and will stick around for a long time to come. Filippo, his family, and his staff are carrying the torch of traditional winemaking forward. Their inspiring blend of tradition and innovation keeps the flame of winemaking alive. It’s delightful to see Cambodia’s enthusiasm for their wine. The story of Puglian wine exemplifies a timeless journey of ancient roots and modern mastery, culminating in various types of wine that embody the essence of their terroir. Rooted in heritage yet propelled by creativity, Polvanera’s wines captivate the palate, igniting a promising future in Cambodia’s wine scene.

As the winemaker Filippo Cassano put it, “We are a family-run company producing organic native Puglian wines only, and in very limited amounts. We can’t compete in quantity, only in quality, by offering wine that faithfully represents our production area and its winemaking traditions. Our vines literally pop up from the limestone, in a windy and dry landscape; we are located on hills not far from the sea where thermal excursions between night and day give the grapes signature scents and acidity. Wine fragrances are thus mineral and balanced. They’re different from others. That’s why we present them as they are, without blending or adding anything. You may like them or not, but at least they are distinguishable. The more we make consumers aware of this approach, the more competitive we’ll get”.

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