Solar Energy Helps Farmers Grow Dry Season Rice

Solar panels pump water from the stream on the island. Photo: IMB Facebook Page

PHNOM PENH – Farmers in Kampong Cham province are using solar energy to grow crops in the dry season when water is scarce.  

Since 2018, the Solar Pump project has helped bring water for rice fields in islands including Koh Pen, Koh Mit and Koh Samrong under a government project funded by Asian Development Bank’s climate change program.

The project is carried out by I.M.B. (Cambodia) Group Plc which installed solar panels along streams or rivers to pump water for crops.  The water is also used for households’ daily use, animals such as cows and pigs, and the wider community for green living.  

“IMB charges one hundred dollars per hectare for three months,” said Kong Pharit, CEO of IMB. As one hectare produces rice that can sell up to $500, people can afford to pay for water.

“People are happy and find it easy to live,” he said.

He said the rice price has increased significantly so it is an opportunity for farmers to grow more rice in the dry season.

He said that using solar energy is also a solution to the rising oil price. This is due to the need to use machines to pump water from rivers which would cost the farmer more than solar-powered pump panels.

Solar-powered water pumps work by converting sunlight into electricity to operate the pumps.  

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