Work in front of the camera

After finishing work, Sothie and Samnang, met to discuss matters. Sothie criticised employees who only tend to work when there are cameras around.

Sothie: It seems that these days things are somewhat “fake”. What is real seems fake and what is fake seems real.

Samnang: What are you talking about?

Sothie: Well… nothing. I just wonder why some people nowadays enjoy posting their working activities on social media even though some of those are not genuinely real.

Samnang: I still don’t understand.

Sothie: Alright! What I want to say is that people in this technological age love to put on a show in front of the camera and on social media. A workmate of mine frequently posts content of himself working on this and that to show to the employers and others.

Samnang: How’s that wrong?

Sothie: I know it’s not wrong. It is their right. However, if their action is genuine, it would be a lot better. The action should be coming straight from the heart. Don’t put a show for the camera just to gain attention and recognition. For some, when the camera is away, they become lazy or they just come to work late, slowing the team. But, when the camera reappears, they become “active” again.

Samnang: So, if the person only posts the good side of him or herself working, can the employers know the true nature of that person?

Sothie: I can’t say for sure. However, some good employers who manage very carefully will be able to know who does genuine work and who does not. A good employer does not gather information from those social media posts. They will focus on the reports, the results and the other work plans that come with it. A good employer is able to pinpoint employees who do genuine work even though they rarely show it on social media.

Samnang: Well, let’s say a good employer will know the truth. How about the public? Will they be able to know what is real just by looking at Facebook or Instagram?

Sothie: For their friends, they may know the real character of the person. For the public, it is hard for them to make a precise judgement.

Samnang: From what you say, it seems to me that people who post their work on social media are bad. Is that your idea?

Sothie: No. I just want to make a small reference to a saying that goes “what is real seems fake and what is fake seems real”. There are, of course, people who really work hard and still post their actions on social media. Perhaps, they just want to create genuine souvenirs or they just want to keep in touch with the people they like.

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