Cambodia's Chrizt Ben Palm Bread is Available at 7-Eleven

Cambodia's Chrizt Ben palm bread is a new local product that has been granted a license to sell in the world-renowned convenience store 7-Eleven in Phnom Penh.

Bun Vuthdika, the founder of Chrizt Ben Bakery, said he baked the palm bread because he is Khmer and palms represent the Cambodian identity.

“I love it, and I have been attached to the smell of palm since I was very young, so it sticks inside the hearts of the people and at the same time, the palm is our identity,” he said.

He added that there are lots of palm trees in Cambodia, so we are not afraid of losing the identity by using palm for another product.

“There are lots of palm trees here. One day, if we lost our palm akor (steamed toddy palm cake), we might lose our identity. But if we can modernize it from palm akor to palm bread starting from the population in Phnom Penh, that would be great.”

The license to sell local products in 7-Eleven demonstrates its commitment to local and Cambodian products and its support for medium-sized enterprises in Cambodia.

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