Foreigners Mix and Match Cambodia’s Tourists Destinations

Tourists visit the Angkor Archeological Park in Siem Reap province, Cambodia, April 16, 2023. Photo by Sao Khuth/Xinhua

PHNOM PENH – Cambodia receives tourists from around the world and they have different interests when it comes to destinations.

For example, Russia is vast with mountain ranges and extensive forests. Russians are used to adventure traveling, Cambodian Tourism Association vice president Duch Sareth says.

When they come to visit Cambodia, they enjoy staying in the mountain areas.

“They like camping in remote areas, forest areas and river areas in Kratie, Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri provinces. Russians enjoy observing the ways local people live,” Sareth said.

“In terms of duration, they spend more than 10 days traveling in Cambodia, visiting areas ranging from forests to beaches.

French people tend tends to have different habits. Since the French protectorate of Cambodia, the French have a deeper understanding about Khmer culture, people and history.

They are eager to know about Khmer heritage, people and culture. Apsara dance holds a significant place in French people’s hearts. They enjoy looking at Khmer clothes and tasting Khmer food, he said.

Korean and Japanese people tend to have common interests but there is a slight difference when it comes to visiting Khmer temples.

Sareth said Koreans enjoy visiting Khmer temples for a half day, taking photos. Japanese might spend longer as they prefer learning every detail of the destinations they visit. They also enjoy buying Khmer souvenirs back to their country.

Residing in the East Asia region, Chinese people have different interests to Koreans and Japanese. Due to their rich culture, heritage, ancient temples and constructions like the Great Wall, Chinese people just want to experience massages and take selfies at Angkor Wat temple.

When it comes to Khmer food, Sareth said he does not think Chinese people are interested.

Sareth said half of American tourists enjoy learning about Khmer history, culture, tourism and civilization. They mostly spend five days visiting destinations in Cambodia. 

Australian people also enjoy visiting Cambodia. Sareth said they often come with their family members and enjoy adventure. They are also eager to learn about Khmer history, culture and civilization.

In 2023, Cambodia received 5.45 million international tourists, up 140 percent from 2.27 million on 2022, the Tourism Ministry says.

Cambodia could earn gross revenue of $3.04 billion from tourism in 2023, a 115 percent increase from $1.41 billion in 2022.

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