Former PM Hun Sen to Contest Senate Election for Kandal Constituency

Former Prime Minister Hun Sen will be contesting for Kandal Constituency in next year's Senate Election. Photo: Samdech Hun Sen of Cambodia/Facebook

PHNOM PENH – Former Prime Minister Hun Sen will be contesting for Kandal Constituency in next year's Senate Election.

The National Election Committee (NEC) has recognized the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP)’s candidate list which contests in all 8 regional constituencies. 

The 5th mandate of the Senate election will be held on Feb. 25. The CPP is expected to maintain its majority in the upper house of the parliament as it is holding majorities in the National Assembly and commune councils, which are the two bodies from which elected representative come, and who elect the senators.

The CPP is presenting 112 candidates for the 58 seats to be filled.

Hun Sen, CPP’s president and currently a lawmaker, ranks first in the ruling Cambodian People’s Party list for Kandal. Kandal is the third regional constituency and consists of 5 seats. 

Hun Sen has said that he will become the Senate president, replacing incumbent Say Chhum who is set to retire. The position would make him the Acting Head of State when the King – who is the actual Head of State – is absent. It has therefore a constitutional power to promulgate laws.

Former Prime Minister Hun Sen is also the president of the Supreme Privy Council, with equal rank to PM. Heng Samrin, the former National Assembly president, is the council’s honorary president.

The plan appears to be the latest step in the wider succession scheme within the ruling party after the July general election, which has seen many of the old guard’s sons and daughters take high-ranking positions within the government, replacing their parents.

Three party’s deputy presidents, Sar Kheng, Tea Banh and Mean Sam An, are serving in the National Assembly.  

Notable CPP candidates for the Senate include former Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn and Secretary of State of the National Defense Ministry Neang Phat. Tycoons Kok An, Mong Reththy, and Ly Yong Phat will also run for the election.

Two senators are appointed by the King and two others are elected by the National Assembly by a simple majority.

Senators will serve for a 6-year term.

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