Kao Phiranya: From online seller to CEO of Rothaya Brand

A few years ago, Kao Phiranya was known as a top cosmetics and skin care online seller in the Kingdom. 

Seeing the potential of her business, Kao Phiranya expanded in 2019 by establishing dealers and distribution representatives.

Now, she is CEO of Rothaya Brand which has 24 types of product to beautify and look after the body from head to toe. These have proved popular with local and international users.

The brand has won the hearts of customers, based on her leadership through product quality assurance, a full license from the Commercial and Trade Ministry, recognition from the Ministry of Health, and user safety as a business model.

Last weekend, Ms. Phiranya hired famed social media influencer Bobby Stella to be a brand ambassador to promote Rothaya hair care products. 

She will soon expand her cooperation with famous stars as brand ambassadors for other Rothaya products.

Ms. Kao Phiranya is making a significant contribution to providing employment and improving the living standards of thousands of people through direct and indirect employment at Rothaya Brand or as a dealer nationwide. 

Kao Phiranya also shows her love for society through charity projects such as helping orphans, the elderly, the poor and Kantha Bopha Hospital.

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